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There are too many drinks out there that are no good for you. But they taste good, right? At Bee Hydrated, we make drinks that you can enjoy without the regret. Our honey waters are flavoured with the natural sugars that occur in nature's own sweet elixir made by bees. We come from a heritage of beekeepers, and support local Australian honey. The health of our bees is paramount to us, and we believe honey is a superior alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. We are committed to using high quality ingredients, and the natural extracts that you find in our three flavours are made right here in Australia.

And so this is our mission, to help others enjoy the plethora of benefits honey provides us and to help increase awareness about an impending environmental crisis, Colony Collapse Disorder, where entire colonies of bees are disappearing around the globe without a known cause. Drink Bee Hydrated, and save the bees!